Was It Worth It?

February 19, 2011
By colluccitech GOLD, Hyannis, Massachusetts
colluccitech GOLD, Hyannis, Massachusetts
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"Make your inner critique shut up. It's giving me a head ach."

1. Are you ready?
2. Will you go to killing camp?
3. Are you going to march?
4. Are you ready to sludge through the much?
5. Are you going to brace yourself for the noise?
6. Are you going to fight for your country?
7. Were you ready to hear the sound of death?
8. Was it worth it?

1. I have to be do I not?
2. I must go so I might learn how to kill my invisible enemy
3. I will march in time with my brothers to destiny
4. I am going to sludge through the muck of injustice to get to freedom
5. The noise of liberty will be like music to my patriotic ears
6. I will fight for every inch of land, and every single person, that is rightfully ours
7. The sound of death tore through me like the bayonet that tore through Sgt. Adams' chest

The author's comments:
My teacher introduced me to a new form a poetry called "question Poems" where the first stanza is a series of questions and the following stanza is filled with the answers to those questions. We were assigned to write a question poem in class and I used it for my poetry portfolio. But that is not what this piece is. This piece is from my English class. My creative writing teacher is also my English teacher in a different period and we began reading "The Things They Carried" (amazing book but never finished as a class) and as an assignment we were to write a poem or journal entry based on the first 2 chapters. That's what this piece is.

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