Guns and Roses

February 20, 2011
By Darlyze Calixte BRONZE, North Miami Beach, Florida
Darlyze Calixte BRONZE, North Miami Beach, Florida
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Their love is just like guns and roses
Filled with kisees and explosives
Pointy words come from soft lips
Mending hearts that continue to rip
Knives and fragrance, death and peace
Their loving hate is what no one sees
The mouths that yell doth proclaim their love
Simply ravens...never doves
Her heart his prey, his soul her toy
The passion of live, hate and the need to destroy
Neither of them have the will to leave
They won't ever depart, painful love they'll receive.
Because their love is guns and roses
They'll consume it all in dangerous doeses
They hate to love and love to hate
Int their love-hate world lies their eminent fate
To continue to love so painfully
Crying tears of blood so happily
A hate so sweet, a love so searing
They cry out for each other, but neither are hearing

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my bestfriend's relationship with her about crazy in love..

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