Affairs of the Heart

February 10, 2011
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Overhead, in the northwestern,
Dispersed upon a semi-dark blackness,
Was a chromatic, scene.
Only through a lens, one can see.
Staring up, swindled, inveigled of thoughts,
Aurora Borealis is what they call it.
There it was, a rattletrap of colors,
A dispute of chromatic colors.
So pretty.

Chrisette wrote in her journal the thoughts she had about the magical night.
Being with him, having him all to herself, under a sky so beautiful. It was just perfect.
She’d grown to love him and no one, especially, that twit of a girl, was going to stop them from being together.
She glanced at her watch and said OH NO! She was late! She was so deep in thought, she had forgotten all about her lunch date with her sister!
She jotted down some late thoughts before slamming her notebook closed. She gathered her bag and her keys and headed for her car. As soon as her butt hit the driver’s seat, she felt her phone vibrate. It was Cameron.
Chrisette slid her Sidekick XL into place and put it up to her ear.
“Hello? Where are you? I’ve been waiting here forever!” Cameron said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.
“I’m sorry Cameron--- I’m on my way. You know I get when I get a pen and paper in my hand. I lost track of time. I was caught up in my thoughts and---“
“Well, just hurry up and get here… We need to talk.”
This sounded serious. “Okay, well I’ll be there in fifteen. Don’t order without me.” With that, Chrisette ended the call and backed out of the UCLA parking lot.
She started to get on the freeway, but realized that it would take too long.
So she opted to take the streets. She turned on Olympia Blvd and started heading south for Santa Monica.
I want to be with you forever. I want it to be like this forever.
Her mind went back to the night with him. That indescribable night in Alaska. It replayed over and over in her head like a broken recode. Them sitting under the stars, watching Aurora Borealis in awe. Him holding her close. As if she was the only existent woman on earth. She loved him. Oh god, she thought. Their three month affair caused her to catch feelings.
Everything was picture perfect until he rushed off urgently to her.
Damn her. She dragged him out my arms. He brought Chrisette happiness; a happiness that has been absent for a long time. Who cares if he’s married? She loved him, and he loved her. Or so he claimed.
She pushed that thought far back into her mind as she shut off the engine. A quick hair and lip gloss check later, she got out of car and braced herself for the storm rapidly approaching.
Cameron. She was a force to be reckoned with.
Chrisette walked into Tony Roma’s on the Santa Monica Pier. She stepped in and immediately saw her sister sitting alone near a window overlooking the ocean.
She approached the table with caution, anticipating what her sister would say.
Cameron lifted her gaze to Chrisette, her eyes filled with anger, pain, and if Chrisette wasn’t mistaken, a hint of sorrow. She rose to her feet and welcomed a hug.
Chrisette already knew what was coming. She felt her stomach knot up, her heart rate speed up. She leaned in, giving her a sister a warm embrace and a quick kiss on the cheek before taking a seat.
“Wassup?” Chrisette asked.
“Chrisette, I think Troy is cheating on me… I feel it. He’s become distant.” The pain in her voice was evident. “It’s like he doesn’t care for me anymore.”
“Oh no, honey. Don’t think that. You’re probably just overreacting. He loves you sweetheart.” Chrisette said with mock sincerity.
“No, don’t patronize me. It’s a women intuition. I just know. If I find out he is, I don’t know what I’d do. My heart couldn’t take it.” She lifted her hand to her heart as if clenching it.
That’s what you get. You deserve to be cheated on.
“Cameron, you’re one of the most beautiful women I know. Any man would be lucky to have you. I assure you nothing is going on.”
Cameron took a swig of her water before saying, “And if I find out there is another women, I’d kill him. And her. It’d be a crime passion.” She slammed her palm on the tabletop with fury.
Oh, of course you would. You wouldn’t hurt a fly; you wouldn’t have it in you to kill.
She tucked a brown curl behind her ear. “Cameron, stop talking crazy. Now, how was work?”
They shifted conversations, jumping from topic to topic. Work. College. Men. Before Chrisette knew it, they were walking out, bidding each other goodbye.
Chrisette found herself driving home satisfied. The thought of knowing Cameron was hurt, thrilled her. It brought her excitement. He brought her excitement.
She missed him. Just thinking about him made her heart trip. She took out her phone and called him. He answered on the second ring.
“Hey darlin’, he said huskily.
“Hey babe,” she answered, trying to even her tone out to hide her giddiness.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m on my way home from lunch with Cameron. What are you dong?” asked Chrisette.
“Oh, it went well I assume. I’m at home looking over some unfinished contacts.” He sighed. “I miss you. When can I see you, Sugar?”
Chrisette adored when he gave her pet names. She felt special, wanted.

“Well, I can come over now if that’s what you want.”

“Naw, we can’t now. I’m all booked until Friday. I’m sorry sweetheart,” he said. “It’s okay,” she swallowed tightly. She tried to hold back the disappointment in her voice.

Evidently, he must have heard it. “Look, to make it up to you, I’ll cook you dinner and cater to you all Friday night. She will be gone--- headed to Big Bear Lake for her monthly cleansing.”
Chrisette’s heart sped up. She was getting excited.
“Oh my, cater to me? Okay, so 6 is fine?”

“Most definitely.” He added.

“Alright, well I can’t wait. I’m looking forwa-“

He cut her off.” “Okay, well let me finish these contacts. Bye.” Click.

Chrisette knew something was up. His wife was home. He always does that. She didn’t take it personal. She was too excited for Friday.

Chrisette smoothed her fingers over her smoky eye, making sure everything was in place before leaving the house. She smoothed her hands over her black knee- length pencil dress and adjusted the last pin before tousling her hair. She left the mirror, moved from the bedroom and headed for the front door. She walked to her car, got in, and rolled her windows down.

The cool breeze hit her face and she felt a shiver down her spine. She needed the air--- she was nervous. Scared out of her mind.

She arrived at his house and rang the doorbell. The door opened slowly revealing her love. His brown eyes looked at her with so much love. He sported slacks and a silver, almost grey button down He looked so handsome. He opened the door wider, allowing her entrance.

“You look beautiful Chrisette, I mean, wow.” His eyes swept over her, giving her once-over.

“Why thank you. You look quite handsome yourself.”
“Thank you. C’mon into the dinning room. He pulled out her chair before asking, “What would you like to drink?”

She answered, “Water would be fine. Thanks.”

He started to get up from his seat but froze in horror. Chrisette’s gaze followed his and there she was. His wife. Standing in the doorway separating the dinning room and the kitchen.
Chrisette also noticed something. Cameron was holding a gun.
Oh my god. Is she seriously going to shoot us?! What a psycho.
She glanced over and saw Troy’s face went pale.
“Cameron… Baby! I thought you were in Big Bear…What happened?” He started for her, the looked down at the gun and stopped.
Don’t even start!” She raised the gun with the business end facing him.
“Of course you thought I was at Big Bear. You dog! You slimy dog!”
He was going to protest, but stopped and looked at Chrisette.
Chrisette facial expression was filled with elation. She was enjoying this.
My sister and my husband?! What a small world! Chrisette, you’re my sister! My best friend. I confided you. How can you do this to me?” She raged.
Before Chrisette could say something, a shot was fired. Then another. And another.
Life is like a black sky. It’s all about choices. You can Jazz it up with chromatic colors like Aurora Borealis, or choose to do nothing about it and leave it be. Life is beautiful, a never forgotten experience. I choose to jazz it up by sleeping with my sister’s husband. I needed some excitement in my life. But sadly, the end came too soon.

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