Won't Give Up On You

February 17, 2011
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You said you'd be there forever,
Or at least "'Till we must be apart."
You told me you loved me completely -
To you, I handed over my heart,

And for awhile, everything was ok,
The days, they passed by in bliss.
My mind kept your words stuck on replay
And my lips always longed for your kiss.

I know that we both aren't perfect.
They told me it wouldn't last long.
But we always got over our issues,
And ended up proving them wrong,

But then things started to crumble -
You seemed to be fading away.
There was nothing I could do to stop it
As our relationship began to decay.

I knew that it wouldn't be you,
So I no longer answered the phone -
You were always too busy to talk:
Every night I'd be left alone.

You never asked to hang out anymore -
The movies, the beach, anywhere.
If you didn't see me for days,
It didn't seem much like you cared,

And that's where things stand today:
The current state of me and you;
But I can't live with how things are...
Has to be something I can do,

'Cause every day you're there - but you're not,
And I'm left forgotten - ignored,
Is a day I spend missing you -
Every time, my heart breaking more.

But one thing you've taught me is hope -
To try though the odds might be bad,
So I won't give up on you...
I promise I'll get back what we had.

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