Inner strength

February 17, 2011
battered bruised
broken and abused
silenced misused
shattered spirit
broken hearted
life knocked you down
forcing you to the ground
no longer to fly these savage skies
shot down to die
shot down to cry
losing all hope
a sinking boat
no way out
crying for help
no where to be found
lost and alone
but yet. not
looking deep inside
you find pride
and strength
strength that brings you through
like a phoenix rising from the ashes
bright and new
your strength brought you through
no longer down and out
no longer crying out
broken spirit mended
all hopelessness ended
new hope is bloomed
you yourself renewed
the strength inside you all along
brought out in your despair
you always had it there
there to use
there to get you through
as well it did
your crutch so to say
there for a rainy day
when you feel down and out
you can always find
your strength will get you through
every single time

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