my goodbye

February 17, 2011
By pandasaurus BRONZE, Burton, Other
pandasaurus BRONZE, Burton, Other
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this is my goodbye to you
its the hardest thing for me to do
as we have had some good memories together
but i know i cant have you forever
i remember the first time we kissed
i still feel the excitement on my lips
and when we talked for hours
and walked me home in the rainy showers
your on my mind
all the time
i cant help it you make me feel so alive
but now i look at you and cry
the reason i do this is hard for me to say
i see you all the time i have to look away
i used to think we had a chance,not anymore
now you chose, the love i have is dead on the floor
we can still be friends even though i want to be with you now
i have so much to say but i don't know how
now its time for the hardest thing
the dreams i had of our little fling
are all over, now before i start to cry
i need to forget and the best way is to say goodbye.

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