Ode to My Mother

February 17, 2011
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I was asked what makes me happy,
What truly brings me joy,
and I racked my brain for a cookie cutter response.
I could talk about cooking, running, or books,
Instead all I thought of was you.

With my mother the world explodes,
a flat life becomes 3-D.
She stirs the deepest layers of my soul,
Sees slivers of my spirit I didn’t know existed
Electrifying and inspiring me.

I am awed by your ability to care for me.
To be so intensely adored,
yet constantly striving to be better.
The level of emotion you evoke and generate,
astounds me everyday.

But what brings me true delight,
is to simply let you know,
you make me the luckiest of all beings.
The impossible task of expressing my admiration,
makes my life worth living.

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