Come Home Daddy

February 17, 2011
Things at home are just not the same.
Daddy's not home and his job is to blame.
He leaves at dark comes home around five.
With our two different schedules, we live two different lives.
Daddy come home, I say in my mind.
But I dare not complain, Daddy's on the grind.
Time without Daddy, I wish it would fly.
Maybe this is just a blessing in disguise.
The money, the financial security,
Can not compare to the time you spend with me.
Dear Daddy, I miss you more than alot.
Despite the arguments and the times we've fought.
I miss kisses on my forehead and you tucking me into bed.
I hug my teddy bear but wish it was you instead.
Daddy, take me fishing out at Doty's on the boat.
Daddy, I miss you more than anything, I thought that you should know.

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