The One Who Is In Control

November 4, 2007
Let air live in fire
Let fire live in water
Let water live in earth
Let earth live in air

We live in a balance that we don’t understand
Nor shall we ever truly know
Who we are or where we came from
For no one can answer that but us

We are nature and nature is us
Meaning that we were created by whatever created nature
But who was nature’s true creator
And where can we find them now

They created us and all that we are
Did they come from space or somewhere else
And if they created us did they create our destiny
If yes then why do we suffer

Are we meant to be hurt from time to time
To do battle or war against one another
What of the battles within ourselves
Are they the cause of them too

The battles that are held within us
Be it in our heart or mind
They make us who we are
But exactly who are we

We are who we choose to be
We are what we want to be
We do what we want to do
No one controls you but you

So do not blame those who created you
Also do not blame those who raised you
Blame the one who is in control of you
The one who’s in control is you

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