Spring Storm

November 3, 2007
By Laura Magerkurth, Lake Lotawana, MO

All afternoon we stay indoors
Safe from the driving rain.
As it pounds and persistently pours
Into the gutter and down the drain.
Swirling masses deep and dark
Swarm over the yellow moor
Over cemeteries, grim and stark;
the sleeping hear thunder’s roar.
Hopeful buds on the branches of trees
Toss and billow with each sapphire drop
And with every jewel, comes a breeze
As we wait for the storm to stop.
But then a yellow ray of light
Pierces the angry clouds
And with an awfully colossal might
Touches the forest shrouds.
So now born from the terrible storm
is a shining rainbow of every shade,
Its beauty shines on everything, and makes the world warm.

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