We can change the world

February 24, 2011

Rain drops dripping like fallen tears,
Erasing all the pain and all the fears.
People criticising and hurting,
That's all that's left in this world that's burning.
The young still have hope to change the world,
We start to see it doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl.
They see it's okay to be straight or gay,
We still are the same by the end of the day.
Yet people still try to fill our heads with lies,
Not knowing they are the ones that will make us die.
Some of us see looks are deceiving,
That behind some ones face there is more meaning.
If they were black they are "emo" and stuff,
You think that all they do is cut.
But no, that's just their style,
Yet they sort everyone in files.
Thinking they are cool they give each other tags,
Thinking that it's true but,actually making others sad.
Hurting others isn't what makes you cool,
That's actually makes you look like a giant tool.
Don't judge others for how they look or dress,
But for their personalities since that's what fits best.

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