February 23, 2011
So many people
So many faces
Crowding around me
Filling all spaces

Shouting and whispering
Laughing and talking
Yet I’m all alone
I just keep on walking

Voices I’ve heard
And faces I’ve seen before
Do not direct at me
It hurts me to the core

It’s nothing new
I’m used to it now
I’m always alone
I wonder how

No one to converse with
No one to trust
Just another beautiful girl
Left in the dust

I feel like an eagle
With freedom and choice
Yet by itself
With no use for its voice

Unnoticed, ignored
Completely overlooked
Another fish in the sea
That hasn’t been hooked

All my feelings
Trapped up inside
For I have no one
In I can confide

Ready for a friend
Tired of the pain
Its time to break out
And dance in the rain
Its time to become history
Not just a piece of it
To step into the light
And enjoy every minute

Not just a fragment
Or part of a whole
The entire thing
Is my overall goal

No one will stop me
Or get in my way
They will listen to me
And hear what I say

But for now I’m still
Barely a piece
Of a world so big

There is no lease

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Gel1411234 said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 10:33 pm
You did a fantabulous job! With love ur friends!
Ally S said...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 7:52 pm


Sarah this is awesome!!!!:)

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