A Question in Life

October 30, 2007
The glass touches her lips like a soft kiss.
She tilts the glass until the bottom’s up.
Too many thoughts running through her mind.
Why does she drink?

Bottle two.
The cork explodes off of the bottle like a rocket ship into space,
Being sober is way off the radar.
Why does she drink?

It is time.
Time to lose the burden of stress and personal anguish that are going on in life.
She lays her kids to bed,
Not knowing if she will be alive for the next day to come.
Why does she drink?

Glass seven, eight, nine.
Being sober is still out of sight.
Husband comes home, no words spoken, just a glare of evil.
Thoughts run through his head.
Who are you? As the alcohol wipes her personality away.
Why does she drink?

Midnight arrives, time has flown by, not remembering the past.
She is a new person.
Time to sober up,
Back to facing another long day of work.
Why does she drink?

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