This is Now

February 18, 2011
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Our eyes used to lock,
Now they never cross paths -
An invisible barrier
Built from the past.

You were my addiction,
And I was yours.
Now we're trying to cleanse
The drug from our pores.

Our fantasies centered
Only on each other,
Now our daydreams are filled
With thoughts of some other.

Your touch was electric;
I made your heart race.
Now we're never too close -
Next to us both, empty space.

We used to talk for hours
Every night after school -
"Say as little as possible"
Seems to be the new rule.

Did it have to come to this?
Could it have been prevented
If you hadn't believed
The lies you were presented?

If I hadn't been nosy -
Stayed out of the way -
Would the sun never have set
On that perfect day?

No matter on whose
Shoulders lies the blame,
The past is the past,
And our fate is the same.

I guess I can see now
What you tried to explain,
But simply understanding
Only eases the pain.

So there's no going back:
This is how it will be.
Acceptance is the only way
To set us free.

Despite my regrets or
My wonderings - Why, How.
That was Then,
and This is Now.

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