Nothing Left

February 18, 2011
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When there's nothing left,
Then you have nothing to lose.
Give it your best -
Give it all that you've got.

Don't give up, don't give in,
There's just no reason;
The way that you've been
Obviously isn't working,

When those that you care for are stolen away,
And you're starting to wonder
Why you get up every day,
Or if there's reason to go on

Living as if you were dead -
Can't chase the thoughts
Or worries from your head:
Over and over, neverending needles.

Until you scream in frustration -
There must be some way
To end this separation
Of you, and the life you wish for.

Your brain never stops trying -
Possibilities, situations -
But in truth you're just lying;
You know there's no way.

But if this you admit,
It only adds more pain
To this life, and you can't stop it,
Only attempt to contain it -

Though why bother to control
Whether you're happy or sad -
Won't mend the wounds to your soul,
So let them all see,

Let them all feel -
Not quite as bad as you do,
For to them it's not real,
Blood only secondhand.

Release it all,
All the anger and pain,
All the misery, 'til you fall
To your knees with a curse.

Why must it be this way?
The good always die young,
That's what they say,
Though the sinners are happy -

Nothing left, thats true,
But why, when you try so hard
To do everything right, why're you
Punished for no crimes?

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