The Sound of War

October 29, 2007
By Eddie Reyes, Purcellville, VA

The sounds of war is all around me,
i hear my own heart, ba-bum, ba-bum,
I look up into the sky and see an eerie blackness,
I walk towards the devested city,
The rubble and the stench of death filled the area,
I see a building that is breathing smoke,
I walk into that particular building,
The smoke is coming from an ominous flame,
A sour smell is too unbearable,
I hear a bang and all goes black,

I woke with a start,
I am...still in the building,
The sour smell is still pungent,
I then notice something in the flame,
That moment, that one moment,
Was a leech on my memory,
The distorted faces of innocent children,
The saddened appearances of adults,
I knew what i am there,
To free a religion of people from tyranny,

My soul is forever changed when i was sent back home,
Although we won the war,
I didn't feel too joyous about it,
The memory of all the people in hte fire is still in my head,
I finally knew the true meaning of what it meant,
That in war, there is NEVER a winner.

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