Look Around

February 23, 2011
All the beautiful colors of the sky and the light fluffy clouds, that all seem to blend together perfectly. The twinkles of the stars and the strong, comforting light the moon provides us all in the darkness and silents of the night sky. The awake; alive; intense feeling and the goose bumps you get when the breeze seems to blow at you in every direction. The warm; sweet; true smiles you receive; along with the full filling feeling you get when you make someones day a little better. The way it feels to sit outside in stormy weather and when all the raindrops crash into you and slowly slide down your skin. There are so many wonderful beauties of life, but most of us are to selfish and to distracted by the fail, horrible creations of man to even realize these things exist. We no longer care to see whats all around us, we no longer live in reality. What the world has became today is pathetic, we don't deserve theses little joys of living, nor the pain upon us all..

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