*Worthless* another poem

February 23, 2011
By twistedkitten BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
twistedkitten BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
\"if you cant handle me at my worse you dont dersve me at my best\"

Im worthless
i get the hint
it took so long to find out
but it finally came through
isnt the world happy now
with the cuts on my legs
and wrists the dried blood
going down my hand and ankles
and the smoke in my lungs
i hope i die soon cuz
in my worthless life
theres not much to do
but cry from the pain
that the ppl i thought cared&loved me
have caused but who rly cares for
someone so worthless so.... unneeded
so here is my last cut to end this life
i hope to god i die this night
with these very slits on my wrists and legs
to find out if anyone truly cares

this one is again pretty old too

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