The Disappearance Water

January 10, 2008
By Joe Riley, Santa Barbara, CA

I don’t believe in water like when I was a little kid
Except on late nights, right chemicals
When no one is watching, Not even the moon
Cursing your name and mine along with it
Because I’m alone

It’s strange how warm the fresh breath
Of a passing car feels on my
Moist cheeks and lost eyelashes

The perpetual eye gouges that follow the water that I haven’t believed in since my baseball coach told me I wasn’t aloud too
And all the other kids laughed when I still did anyway

Like all the answers to the worlds problems
At least my mothers
Lie in ducts in our cheeks and the tone of our voice
Like child hood puppies will come back
And girlfriends too
Like looking up at your dad and believing in god
You were as sure as taxes and street signs that they would always be there

Like Trick or treating, rain or shine
Now its girls with clothes, what fun is that?
The water I feel falls on me not from me
And only during certain parts of the year

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