I Wait Here

February 21, 2011
By taytay5 BRONZE, Hamburg, New York
taytay5 BRONZE, Hamburg, New York
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What happened to your irreplaceable connection
You have both moved on in separate directions
But don’t you see
How your fighting is hurting me
Your love has kept me strong
But now it’s gone
And I was blind to not notice
That it has been for so long
I continued to mask the silence with meaningless conversation
But the only thing you shared was frustration
It seemed you only cared about your own feelings
And you did not care if our broken hearts were healing
However, I have grown stronger in the past years
And I have learned to fight past the tears
You two can figure this out on your own like the adults you are
And you need to get past the hurt, start healing the scars
Because I’m going to live my life as a child should
Like any other daughter would
So leave me out of this
I don’t want any part of it
And until then I won’t shed a tear
I will just wait alone, here

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