Forever Moon

January 9, 2008
From the ashes she arrives
The scars ripping her apart
She'll never change her ways
He'll never change his gaze

Within the broken dream
This sweet misery
I never thought to feel
This way is forever doomed

In the tainted eyes
I set forth to find the lies
Every word spoken as truth
You know it's all from you

And as the tears fall once more
From some empty wells
She can't escape this hell
He can't control himself

And as the days stretch on
From lives that never should
She said she never could
He promised he never would

The tears streak down her face
Lines of dirt & pain
Staining her perfect face
Her eyes will always lie

His face shows no pain
Though his heart is fake
He'll never change his mind
He'll never stop to try

From the ashes they emerge
The dawning moon
And as the sun goes down
It will always be forever new

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