The Bright Eyed Thespian

January 9, 2008
By Arielle Sperling, White Plains, NY

A bright-eyed thespian walked with a sway
She dreamt about days on the street of Broadway.
A cherry red coat with lips to match
It’s no wonder the maiden fancied herself quite the catch.
She wished to see her name plastered high
Underneath a star filled sky.
Managers and crew would soon bow at her feet
If only a producer she could meet.
Through crowded streets for long hours she waded
Always with her hair carefully plaited.
Day after day to auditions she’d go
Praying for the chance to star in a show.
Musicals seemed to call her name
But like every young actress, she seemed the same.
Having no luck at all she soon gave up trying
As a waitress, she spent her nights crying.
But determined to have her presence fill the stage
She took voice lessons – on her minimum wage.
A lighter shade of lipstick she chose instead
And took those silly bows from atop her head.
She knew now that to land the part
From everyone else she would have to stand apart.
Her heart beating faster than the speed of light
At callbacks she gave the reading all of her might.
And though at first it was small parts that she received
Little did she know that her dream she would soon achieve.

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