Every Second of Everyday

January 9, 2008
By Nina DiGi, Cincinnati, OH

If I got up
and left the room,

Would you notice my absence?

If I screamed it
from the mountains
or whispered it in your ear.

Would you pay attention to me?

If I sat across from you
in an empty room.
would you see me crying?

Would you attempt to care?

Every moment of everyday,
My thoughts are fixed on you,
Your eyes, your smile,
The way you stand out
in the midst of a crowded room.

continuously there
stuck in the back of my mind,
a note on my hand,
the first, second, and third thing
on my everyday “to remember” list.

I want you to know that

If you got up and left,
If you screamed if from mountains,
or whispered it in my ear,
if I saw you crying,

I would notice your absence
I would pay attention to you
I would see you crying
And I would attempt to care

Don’t ever doubt these things
Don’t ever think the contrary
Because every moment of every day
My thoughts are fixated on you

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