Hush Now

January 9, 2008
By Susanna Vogel, Basking Ridge, NJ

Hush now
As I’m moving up and down
Tracing your muscles
As I’m mapping your image

Don’t make a sound

I’m pressing my story
Up against your body
You’re pulling the memories
Out through my eyes
I’m keeping my promise
I’m keeping this dream alive
Even if it’s just for tonight
I’m keeping this dream alive

Christmas lights dance
Across my skin
Thoughts of where we started
And where we’ve been
As the red lights
Sink in like sin
Thoughts of cheap hotels
-And holiday depression

But hush now
Please don’t make a sound

Lights swimming
Before my eyes
Every single breath
Is a strangled cry
In, and out
In, and Out
every memory a twisted lullaby
(in and out, in and out)

You make me someone
I’m scared to see
I’m afraid to know
How I could be
I’m even more terrified
That you’ll see
This is not how we’re supposed to be

Please hush now
Baby, don’t make a sound
Please just be with me
Please show me how you see
Be my mirror
-My broken mirror

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