What Is Love?

February 15, 2011
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What do you think of when you think of love?
Do you think it is sent from up above?
Well to let you know love is what you make it.
It can either fill your heart or break it.

Do you think love will come naturally?
That true love is given to you hands free?
Well to let you know love is a compromise.
Most of the time it does aim to please both sides.

Do you think you will ever find the one?
Or will you be one of the lonely ones?
Well to let you know you may go your whole life;
Without finding the one don't let it cause strife.

Do you think that true love is what is best for you?
Or to yourself do you want to stay true?
Well to let you know the choice is yours to make.
Do not choose true love if to you it feels fake.

When it comes to love all I have to say.
That I have found mine and he's here to stay.
So when it comes to love do as you may.
Has your true love come or drifted away?

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