Jose Reyes

February 15, 2011
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Jose Reyes
what a cool guy,
he runs so fast
it looks like he can fly.

Whenever he comes to play,
fans arrive.
They ask him for his autograph
and a high five.

He’s a monster when he throws
a ball with heart.
The ball goes fast and accurate,
just like a dart.

He’s a good hitter
he’s a contact batter,
he can clutch at bat
and if he doesn’t stay in shape he’ll become fatter.

Whenever he comes to play
a ball gets it to him and he try’s to dive,
he catches the ball, the batter gets out,
then he gets a teammate high five.

His position is a shortstop
he’s one of the best in the league and he’s loved by fans.
Also he can make any play at shortstop
that he possibly can.

He can do anything for his team.
Also he’s a good and nice man
cause he gets his team the win
and a screaming fan.

Jose Reyes
he’s on the Mets
the fans come to his games
to see if they win or lose the bets.

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