Killing blow

January 9, 2008
By Mariah Jennings, Happy, TX

It is a sad day when the call of your heart goes unanswered
The day you wake up and realize that there is no hope
For you and him

That day when the tightness in you chest finally gives away
Only to be replaced by a lonely empty feeling
That is like feeling nothing at all

A big hole to fall in and never return
But you must find your way out
For he is ever watching

You must stand brave and not show
That you are breaking in side
You must smile and play nice

When all you can feel is a cold numbness
But for your sake and his you must go on
Only to wonder if he feels the same way to

Knowing that your question will never have an answer
How, if he feels like you, can he move on
Was their nothing between you?
Was it all fake?

And how can you trust your self to anyone else
After that

You did not love him that is true
Its more than that

The fact that you have no way of knowing what you did
Its killing you

The coldness he sends off
When ever you are around

How can you even think
When he is around

And some how to know that you brought it all on yourself
That is the final blow
The killing blow

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