Dare for Love

February 23, 2011
Rushing bodies a million words, there pulling you away from me
Restraining hands hold me back from my everything
desperate yells, You could take mine if you wanted
honestly it would be okay I swear, you already own half.
Please I don’t want to be selfish
waiting, waiting, waiting
just yell my name
break through the walls and come hold me tight
leave me in this room with a world of troubled others
how dare you
white robes, there liars I am positive
who would be so mean as to lie?
This is a nightmare, I’ll wake up to your beautiful smile
2 eggs for breakfast eh?
I stay all night with worried looks glanced my way and a strangers with concerned words.
I wake up in bed..my own bed..with just myself
I pick up my phone and realized reality has found me
I spit fire and tears, well now I have my very own ocean to drown in.
Just hit me with the memories.
Ill erase them from mind.
I guess it really was your time.
I love you.

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Night_Star said...
May 1, 2013 at 11:44 pm
Theirs no way to describe how much I can feel the dept of this poem Im in love with it !!!!
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