New Shoes

January 9, 2008
Once I kept staring at it,
I won’t stop,
Something is controlling or hypnotizing me.
Awhile after,
A burst of envy and angry had come up,
Coming right beneath my toes up to my forehead.
You might ask why,
Simple, very simple,
It is pressure.
My friends, my mate, and my families,
They have it, like they are showing off to me.
“Dad, dad, can I have these?”
I asked with a burning light of hope in my eyes,
Hoping I can get it.
He, said the word,
That made my heart suffers from an enormous pain,
Like a devil stuck a needle in it.
Now I wanted it more, increased by a million times,
I wished I could steal it,
Oh gosh, I was out of my mind.
My body starts to paralyze,
My face was red as an apple.
You might wonder why,
Why a pair of shoe would made me lunatic,
Well you don’t understand how painful it is,
When you try to fit in, like the others,
When you don’t, people,
Pick on you everyday,
Make you go maniac, want to kill yourself, and embarrassed.
Ten seconds later, but I felt like it was 10 years during the anxious,
He, said the holy word,
That released me from jail,
“Alright, yes you may, I forgotten its Christmas” said my father.
A burst of exhilaration blew up to my heart,
Like ten atomic bombs,
I hurried, and gave my dad a glorious hug.

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