Unhealthy Love

January 9, 2008
By barry sasson, Larchmont, NY

He embraces her with love
from the origin of his heart,
Only to obtain a shove
that stabs him like a dart.
Though he goes on and on,
trying to find their love,
only to fall deeper
and obtain another shove.
She walks towards him
and steps upon his soul,
shaping his mentality
and leaving in him a hole.
Yet he feels he is to blame
and falls ever so deep,
He now cannot climb up his fall,
for it has become ever so steep.
The end of his fall is near,
with just seconds to remain,
He now knows his fate
and suffers atrocious pain.
He reaches the end of his fall,
and dies without a trace,
Though only when he dies
does she recognize her disgrace.

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