You’re Safe in the Lie

January 9, 2008
By Kylee Baney, Blissfield, MI

Screeching, Scraping – Eyes to ears.
Repetitious scene, accidental?
Faces bringing on such despise.
Lies so dark – confidential?
Education, power, self esteem,
More money, more person, how we’re seen.

Pressure colliding with a breath,
Choking yet sympathy divides.
People alive give people death.
Hope and reality, all collides.
Job done, paper reads “Car Accident”.
Laughter lies, and treachery is confident.

You’d never believe, treachery, a name?
Frightened now, confusion, depression,
Hysterical, because you think it’s all a game.
Waiting is patience, for a confession.
In the chair, on the spot, all lies.
Remembering – scraping, screeching, ears to eyes.

The suit and briefcase proceeds.
Tension clears for the easy way out.
Smiling now as all succeeds.
Safe, secure, a liar’s path - no doubt.
All you knew about each life you took,
Kept inside and that was the hook.

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