January 9, 2008
Ashley Cox


There was a child went forth

THERE was a child went forth everyday and the first
Object she look'd up upon that object she became;
And that object became part of her for the day, or a
Certain part of the day, or for many years, or
Stretching cycles of years.
Playing outside became a part of this child,

And magnificent pool at the apartments, and the Fire
Works in Hong Kong, and the bikes, and the pets, and
the hot humid days and hiking up the steep mountains in
the hot humid weather, swimming with her father, and
the many crowded streets in the City of Hong Kong all
Became a part of this child.

Dads best friend, ether it’s playing golf or just
Hanging out, this relationship is unconditional.
And the sports that were played together, and the
Mountains that were climbed side by side, playing
Sports and spending quality time with her father all
Became a part of this child

Mother's best friend, whether they’re out shopping
Together, going on adventures on the buses or in the
Car the bond that this mother and child hold is
Indescribable. The way they bonded all became a part
Of this child.

The routine day of Elementary school became a habit
For this child.
The school was in a particularly strange shape, a
Circle the library was in the center with round stairs
That surrounded the library leading up to the
Mysterious classrooms. Friends, recess,
Teachers, school work.
The day began at the crack of dawn for this ten year
Olds each day was the same series of events and
Elementary school all became a part of this child.

Middle school is the awkward three worst teenage years
In my opinion.
Name calling, bullying, finding yourself can be near
To impossible especially with the influence and
Constant judgment of fellow peers. Not knowing who to
Trust or who to like, you feel alone, and no matter how
Many students around you, you feel out numbered and
Alone in a giant school lost in yourself. Finding
Yourself all became a part of this child.

New school, fresh start. New classes, more freedom.
High school is where you have the most fun experience
The best things and break out of your shell. Walking
Into that high school she felt free, almost like a
Breathe of fresh air. No more tight rules, freedom at
Last for once. This is where you become the new found
You, this is where she broke out and this became a
Part of this child.

Senior year, College, SAT'S, tests, confusion. Future
Decisions can not only mold your life they can change
Your life path forever.
And only she could choose what was right for her.
Pressure from teachers, family, and peers didn't mean
Anything anymore. This Childs future was all in her
Own hands this time. And High school decisions all
Became a part of this child.

These became part of that child who went forth every
Day, and who now goes and will always go forth every day.

Ashley rebecca Cox

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