January 9, 2008
By Danielle Roberson, Fort Wayne, IN

The blue sky is behind me;
It’s suffocating my soul.
I hold a lit candle.
The flame gleams on my torso.

My face is stern-
Trying not to show my depression.
My gloves are tight-
Cutting off the circulating pain.

I have experienced death.
What is death?
Could it be a beginning-
Or truly an end?

Will Kimberly be remembered?
Or thrown into my distant memory?
I feel those behind me,
Their pain hovering over mine.

I am curious to know-
Should I feel pain or happiness?
Kimberly is gone from my life,
But she is in a better place.

At this moment in life,
I feel pain through all the happiness.
I am in a pool of sadness,
Is there not a soul with a smile to share?

A smile does not consume my face today,
Will I be able to smile tomorrow?
A blue sky in the background;
Suffocates my soul.

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