Summer Nights

January 9, 2008
By Ryan McCullough, Arlington Heights, IL

These are the nights
When the sun doesn’t set
While white rays fall upon us
As we glance at the black freckles on
The moon
Nights where we
Lay by the lake
Watching as the moon reveals
All the flickering stars
As I Flinch to every
Coconut falling from the
Palm trees around me

These are nights
When you can never sleep
Colors becoming more vibrant
The longer you don’t blink
Nights when I gaze into your eyes,
Starring at the Smirnoff
Behind me

These are nights
That you don’t remember
As you drink another
Flaming shot
Nights when your
Throat is burned
And not from
The fire
Knowing after you
Take a bite out of your
Teddy bears nose
And let the tears roll down your
Silk cheeks
You will forgive and forget
All the summer nights, for

These are the nights
That stuns our minds
With the most dramatic
We have ever seen

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