March 5, 2011
By Jazmine_Flower BRONZE, Westhampton, Massachusetts
Jazmine_Flower BRONZE, Westhampton, Massachusetts
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Every day seems like a week,
Every week a year,
Every time from you I do not hear,
Gently glides a tear.

You can never know the pain,
Never know the strife,
To keep seeing you slip away,
Forever out of my life.

I know it will never be easy,
For you this pain to bear,
Just know I feel it too,
And I know it isn't fair.

Just to see you try once more,
Will never be enough,
You need to put your heart forth,
Yes, I know it will be tough.

You never know what will come,
You'll never stay above,
You may not get all that you want,
But you'll always get my love.

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