These walls that surround me

January 8, 2008
By Randee Ray-Wurtz, Las Vegas, NV

These walls that surround me
Are my sanctuary
From this hell
I must call home
Can no one hear me
As I cry
And I pound and I shout
Or is it just that no one cares
What I'm yelling about
I'm slowly dying within
My spirit and joy
Is gone with the wind
My life is a wreck
It's up in flames
I has been for ages
Since i was just seven years old
But each day I get told
To be respectful and true
But how can I respect him
When he won't let me near
My father he is not
But a monster indeed
Not one under your bed
Or that only comes out
In your sleep
No this one haunts me
Day in and day out
Causing life to be hell
For everyone around
I can't stand his voice
I can't stand his smell
I can't stand the lies
He never ceases to tell
He sees us at mad
That we're the ones with the lies
When he's the one gallavating around town
We every girl in sight
vows mean nothing
Just words on a page
And love and respect
He doesn't know of till this day
So how can I sit and be cheerful and gay
When my life is in shammbles
Forever it seems
Until the day I'm set free
The 1st of August
When I'm finally out of here
And no more tears shall follow
For he'll be gone forever
And I won't even care
For hes not my father
But the devil
I'm sure

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