September 11th Memories

January 8, 2008
By Harsit Patel, Fort Wayne, IN

I just hiked up the staircase,
and entered my classroom.
I gazed upon my students
just as I heard a distinct boom.

The television was on,
I thought nothing of it,
until I glanced at the title,
“Who is the culprit?”

A plane was demolished.
A structure abolished.
Civilians screamed with fear
crying for loved ones,
the ones held dear.

I took a seat while
looking around,
as everyone was quiet,
not a single sound.

The teacher turned off the tv
and started to talk,
but you could see the panic
in his eyes, an his walk.

This day was infamous,
for each and every event;
but when help was needed,
everyone’s attention went.

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