January 8, 2008
All alone on an empty street

waiting for that one special person

your meant to meet

not knowing how long its going to take

you scream and shout "for gods sake"

hoping and dreaming that someone will

notice you

standing under a streetlight looking at

your shadow wondering who?

questioning yourself "Am i mean to be


you say to yourself constantly " I

should have shown"

"Shown the world all I can be all I can


and then all of a sudden there you

stand and i say, "It's you"

you are the one who is to make me smile

day after day you say "I'll do anything

for you, I'll run mile after mile"

"I'll swim all the oceans to find the

greatest sea shell"

"I'll go to the deepest of deep in the

earth also known as hell"

and this right here is all that i need

to know that my special person isn't

just for show

you, you are the one i've been waiting

for and with all my heart it's you I


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