I Have Some Growing Up To Do

January 8, 2008
From up until middleschool
I had made a pact
that everything will change
I would never run back

For the first year it seemed
that my word had failed
I had come to believe
that my belief in faith
has bailed

I went through tough times
though not all were bad
so happy the next sad
It turned out for the better
under the weather
it shined...
for nothing was guaranteed
but sure enough relieved
that my growing up
had finally started

Now after 1 year passed
going into another
my stepfather and mother
forced me to leave
going to another
If I had been the better man
and excepted
I probably might not have regreted
all I have done to my new sisters
and brothers

Anger, sadness, and despair
ripped through my heart
being as things will never repair
But light soon shined
on the inside once again
For I found love within
a young woman
Seem that trying
was not a must
For just excepting
was enough
which was trust
I couldn't even hold onto something
that had been so dear
For anger and worry
has seemed to ruin me

I have not yet fully learned the lesson
In theory people say this is a blessin
For now I walk this earth
just living and watching the things I do
becuase for when I finally do grow up...
I will have been brought back to you

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