Just A Dream

January 8, 2008
By Destiny Esper, St. Louis, MO

Every girl has dreams
He was just the one that never came true

Keeping time occupied with females that don’t compare
But always overlooking you

You offer him support
You always tell him the truth

But in the end, they’re all number ones
And you’re not even number two

You’ve wanted him for so long
Dating back to younger years

But when you tell him how you feel
His reaction leaves you in tears

He’s the only boy you ever wanted so badly
That it left tugs upon your heart

But at the end of the day
He couldn’t be your shining light in the dark

You want to see him happy
You want to see his light shine through

And be the one who’s on his team
You want him to be with only you

It’s ok
Every girl has dreams
He’s just the one that never came true

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