It seems to we….

January 8, 2008
By annomis aldaraca, Pomona, CA

It seems to we….
As us see "adults" viewing teens
It seems that no matter what
It is a teen does or says,
It is rude, selfish, and wrong...

Being seen like this, makes “we” feel
There’s more to we and
They don’t know this
It seems to we they may never know

Being seen like this
Isn’t what us want
Its seems to we us and me

What if …us called you adults…
Emotionless hypocrites
Who are boring and old

Most show respect to you
we are human to

Like you say to we
Don’t be quick to judge
That’s when you become a hypocrite you judges we all the time

It seems to we
When you see a teen
Wearing saying doing something
"Wrong" its automatically who they are

It seems to we
There’s more to we
And what you see is a mask
Next time you judge
"Is this a misjudge"
It seem to we
Age isn’t everything
Young or old mistakes are made

It seems to we
You forget who or what you were

Remember when you were 16 don’t loose your self!
It seems to we us and me …

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