Thunderous Fight

January 8, 2008
By Stuart Frazier, Mequon, WI

You think the yells escape me
Safe in my sound proof domain
Yet the argument blows down
My secure walls
Like the powerful storm
Brewing between you two and it?
Wakes me from my bed

Those piercing noises never leave me
In those long nights
I wait hoping it would stop
Hoping they would be laughing or asleep
Like my brothers down the hall
Dreaming about sunny days of the past
Instead of lying awake with
The bitter taste of grief in my mouth

The door cracks like lighting
The final blow of the
Dwindling maelstrom
Next to me
They go their separate ways
Avoiding another storm erupting
I hope it will be
Sunny and warm tomorrow
Sadly I think I can feel the rain

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