After her words stopped pleading

January 8, 2008
After her words stopped pleading
After her cell phone stopped ringing
After her mind stopped thinking
After her dreams stopped wishing
Her heart was still breaking.

After the truths stopped coming
After her mind stopped numbing
After her thoughts stopped confusing
After his laughs; no longer amusing
Her tears were still falling.

After sounds stopped screaming
After eyes stopped reddening
After sympathetic friends stopped caring
After the skies stopped raining
Inside, she was still dying.

Two days later, still remembering
The memories, which she’s regretting
One mistake, and a life he’s ruining
Vows taken to silence, and he’s not forgetting
Though she may smile, her heart is still breaking.

Across the room, with friends, he’s laughing
It’s not a glance, she can’t help it, she’s staring
It’s obvious to him, but he’s still ignoring
Her heart on her sleeve, unstable; she’s falling
She turns away, her tears she’s suppressing
But the game is not in her favor, she knows it, she’s losing.

Minutes drag on, and day’s are never-ending,
All hope has been lost, she knows there’s no trying,

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