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February 10, 2011
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She was looking into a mirror….

Not looking at herself

But looking inside her heart

She saw an empty corridor

Stretched and empty…

High ceilings

Pastel paint…

Reeks of loneliness…

Looking around

She sees a door

A wooden chained door

A lock and key….

“What can be behind that door…?”

She whispered to herself

A cold-chilled ran down her spine

Her body felt hot and sweaty….

But her skin was cold to the touch

The Girl wakes up

She finds herself coiled up on the bathroom floor

She manages to pull herself up against the wall

She tries to analyze the situation

She reaches out…

To her reflection in the mirror

But faints just before contact

What is happening?

What happened to me?

Why am I back where I started?

I thought I was better than this…

I thought I conquered this chapter…

I thought…

That’s what I did…

I thought

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