February 10, 2011
Do you know what I see when I dream?
I see you, laughing at my sorrow
I feel my heart shatter
I wonder if you ever were real,
Or it you were always fake
Cause that's how I see you now

In fact, that's what I'm thinking of now
As I reminisce on my strangest dream
The questions all point to sorrow
As I feel my happiness shatter
As I think that you were never real,
Im beginning to think you were fake

But I wish that you weren't so fake
I wish you're not how I see you now
The way I see you when I dream
That fills me with the deepest sorrow
As I feel my whole world shatter
That was built on the fact you were real

And I hope you really are real,
And I'm wrong when I think you are fake
That’s how I wish things were now
But unfortunately, it's only a dream
And I know that I will feel great sorrow
As I wake and I feel my dream shatter

And I ask when did your heart shatter?
When you were wrong about someone being real
When they stabbed you, turned out to be fake
And it's why you do it to me now
I wonder what you saw in that dream
That made you feel great sorrow

And I no longer feel all that sorrow
Cause its futile as I feel the earth bellow me shatter
I know that you were never real
I know you were always a fake
But I don't care about how you treat me now
Because I've woken, I'm out of that dream

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currybun said...
Apr. 2, 2011 at 4:24 pm


i could never write poetry. <33

foshizzle said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 3:50 pm
This ish was better than the KFC I had last week
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