A Never Ending Dream Called Life

January 8, 2008
Slidding down a river in a raft,
you in front and friend behind holding on tight
we all feel trapt within the waves of blue
as if our lives were to somehow slip from between our fingers
into our eyes the waves reflects the light
As the yellow raft slowly drifted and finally begun to stop I noticed
we were soaked your skin was clammy but steering you never dared to stop
I could hear your heart beating from how hard I was pressing my head on your back
Once the raft was finally stopped thanks to a stray branch
we got off and you held me in your arms
You told me it was all ok and that it was over
I didn't have to fear for it was to never happen again
Our wet bodies tempted eachother and we began to kiss
your moist lips tasted like the salty water from the river
you held me tight and warmed me up afraid I would die of hypothermia
when I fell asleep you started to yell and tried to wake me up but I couldn't
my eyelids were to heavy but I remaind aware of my surroundings
after a few moments I had to close my eyes
I could feel your tears fall upon my cheeks
you were rocking me back and fourth in our sad dismay
you sang to me hoping I would soon awake
I wish I could have told you I was fine
and just make you feel better but I couldn't
I was only concious for a moment
but when I finally woke up
my body was warm
I was wrapped up in crisp white sheets
you were still by me as I remembered from before
I fell asleep you were holding my hand and told me you loved me and that you would never let anything happen to me just like you would when I was a little girl and I would fall and scrape my knees.

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