Judge Me

January 8, 2008
Judge me, I dont care,
You may deny it but I can see it in your glare
you will not diminish me with your defiled words
nothing will work, nothing hurts
you may see my friends and think I am like them ... in fact you may think we are all alike
but unlike you, I will never strike
so don't watch your back, i will not try to hurt you, instead I will pitty you,
Only because you have turned as fake as the untrue
words you've spoken of me.
your lies may speak but the truth will come out stronger
Words may say alot but a look says more,
So I ask you why? Why must you judge me?
When all you have left in life, are you own issues to arbitrate.
Only because I believe in fate
I will let you speak, for you are only resentless because you have the solutions to my problems,
However, not to your own.
and you are afraid you will end up alone
with out friends with out an aliance
You are bitter, because you know that when you judge me I become better than you.
and the truth hits harder back too
Most of your words are unintentional,
without tripping you seem to fall
with your thoughts you somehow tell me the solutions to my problems,
but i will never speak the soiled and foul words you've spoken of me
because maybe one day I may judge you and end up giving you the solution to becoming better than I.
With your foul words you will never hurt me,
I will embrace my honor and pride strongly.
I will not please you by letting you know what is wrong with you,
Instead I will allow you to grow up and face all of your problems and flaws just like I did
and I will let you learn how painful or delightful it may be to learn about yourself on your own...
I will allow you the satisfaction of perceiving what it's like to live.

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