Yellow blue and green

January 7, 2008
Yellow blue and green
The colors of the ocean
The ones you say you love to see
The time you stay goes by so quick
Why do you want to leave?
Isn’t this where you like to be
With the yellow blue and green
No worries and pain free
Forgetting and finally just being
Not thinking but at peace
And you’re content here
Why go back to the back pain?
The fear, the disappointment, and the stress?

“Because with that hurt there also comes love happiness and hope.
Not content. I don’t want content
Here I will live for a minute
In the moment of the yellow blue and green
But then all feeling leaves
That’s not living
That’s being put in vault
That is labeled ‘open when only good things guaranteed.’
Locked up like that. Just a body and mind.
What you’re asking of me is to not live.
To give up my soul and true spirit
I’m sorry babe, but I’d rather live in pain than not feel anything at all”


I stare into your eyes and wonder when you got so wise.
Then you leave
A hug and an ‘I’m sorry.’
That’s it. You’re gone. Out to live.
One sec. you stop at the door.
You turn around and whisper
‘I’ll see you the next time I want to forget.
The next time I want to just be.
The next time that I want to see only the yellow blue and green.’

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