Just as things got good

January 7, 2008
By Jennifer Erickson, Fort Collins, CO

Just as things got good
Just as things were swell
I got pushed out of the room without a single word
No one told me anything
I had to guess what went on in your head
My soul went down the hole
My stomach turned to coal
My time was wasted wondering
When you didn’t even care
One big blemish on our past
Even I can’t rearrange the cast

We used to be so close
One person tore us apart…you
You were the one to push me away
You were the one to make me pay
For something trivial and stupid
I didn’t even realize
To this day I barely understand
You were the one to cause me such much grief
And yet I accepted you again with no problem
And than I find it didn’t bother you
Nothing ever does…
How could you do this to me?

I delighted in talking to you
Laughing with you
But everything’s different now

Everything is surface level
Nothing ever deep
Everything is hidden
Our secrets used to be shared
Until our trust was shattered
The mirror thrust against the wall

You made me believe things about myself
Things that was not true
I thought I was a bad person
It was my fault
I am a horrible friend
And it meant nothing to you?

We wasted almost three months
You ignoring me
I cried all the time
I never told anyone
Kept all that pain bottled up inside
What if they all found out now?
What if everyone knew what you did to me?

Would they care?
Maybe not but everyone would know what you could do to someone

I ended up being your punching bag
Your old one got worn out and thrown away
Am I next?
After me who will it be?
Why do you have so much power of me?
To hurt me and abuse me?
Yet I can not turn you away?
Or get mad at you…
Why am I treated like the dog
While you are the special honoree?

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