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Thin Line Between Child and Adult

February 21, 2011
By Nadster GOLD, Laurel, Maryland
Nadster GOLD, Laurel, Maryland
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Over 50 yrs.old wanting to be a child. A child she still is deep inside. Begging her mother to see. Inside screaming for someone to rescue her. But she is an adult on the outside. That child on the inside still doing things to get noticed.

The child inside cuts. The child inside burns. The child inside plays grown up.The child thinks it's all a game.The adult knows this real, this is life, the child rebels.

The child drinks,smokes, and swallows. The child is destroying the adult. The adult sees, hurts, but is paralyzed. The child sets the adult on fire. The adult is a burning candle, slowly disintegrating.

The child causes pain to the ones the adult loves. The child loves no one. The child was never taught, never learned. The adult does nothing, just a mere puppet on a string. The child is easily influenced by others as well.

The adult suffers the consequences.The adult suffers the side affects.The child, the adult, they are the same person. The child, the adult, they are intertwined. They both just exist. They do not live.

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